Wednesday, September 3, 2008
I NEED a farm

I want, no wait, NEED a farm so i can have a goat. And chickens. I love them. Watching them do their goaty/chickeny activities brings me pure joy. You know that peaceful feeling you get looking out over the ocean? I get that from watching goats and chickens (and sometimes cows but they are so large it makes me a wee bit nervous).
While i'm on the subject of what i NEED... i need to move somewhere that i can actually have a farm. I don't see that happening here. I mean, Mr. Basset (the landlord) is really nice but i'm sure he would draw the line at goats.
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Friday, April 25, 2008
That's hot

Check out this mean machine will ya? Robert got it back from over at Big Steve's. It was in Johnny's care for awhile but he left the island. Also it didn't work most of the time he had it.
This lovely machine was Robert's first bike, his very own. It's a 50cc and served him well. 28500 km. That's a LOT of driving on such a small island.
It's listed on e-moo and hopefully it sells quickly. It should, it's a good price for a licensed, insured bike.
This doesn't make for a very interesting blog now that i think about it. Ummm... i cut my hair. Yup, that's about it. Bike for sale, cut my hair.
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Saturday, April 19, 2008
Beautiful Girls

Would you look at this sweet girl! When i was a kid there was a cow pasture near us. I would go check them out now and then. They were pretty and big and had those gorgeous eyes. Then today i met this girl and her friends. My view of cows is forever altered.
First of all, these girls are big. They are HUGE, scary big to be precise. But soooo docile. One was near the fence and i, of course, was talking to her. She seemed to be getting a bit nerdus. I didn't want her to get up so i moved on down and as soon as i did she just looked calm as could be... even though i was only 3 steps away.
The grass was super green and the cows fur was pure black spots and blotches on brilliant, clean white. I was surprised to see how CLEAN they were.
Sigh... this is how cows should live. Not in some factory farm where they never see the sun or get to nap in the grass with their girlfriends.
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Monday, April 14, 2008
My 2nd Favorite Bermudian

Maybe. I'm not really sure this dude is a Bermudian but dang ... check out that sweet mohawk! I've seen him around. That happens in a place as small as the Rock. His 'hawk is as blazingly beautiful as it was the first time i saw him. He also has a pretty hot girl. She's big and blonde and they look great together.
I was sitting on the bench infront of where the cruise ship people come in at. If you are sitting there and NOT a tourist you are only doing one thing and that is spying. I was having some good sightings and then i saw him and the day was complete.
Also, there's a guy here that seems local. He has braids that are, hand to God, every color of the rainbow. I was so excited i couldn't even snap a picture. I saw him when i was having lunch at Specialty Inn. He even had some of his nails painted with the Union Jack. I know, right? How fun is that?
There are always fun people to see here. 90% of the time i think *I* am one of the sights, what with my height and my small dog strapped to me. So be it, i do my part.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The fantabulous thing about living here is "foreigners". I know, technically in Bermuda *I* am a foreigner but you know what i mean. I'm talking about Speedo wearing people. I love them. This little gem was enjoying a gorgeous day at Astwood Park.
I took the Blue boy for a walk and was treated to this tasty morsel. I love how totally at ease and happy men are in Speedos. They act like it's the most natural thing in the World. To me, it would be more natural if they just went nude but, well, maybe the Speedo is just fine after all.
Man, ok, i just uploaded the photo and WOW --- look how kick ass that water is? Dayum.
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Thursday, February 28, 2008
The Only Good Thing

I get up and send hubs off to work. It sucks. I'm not to swift in the AM. I like to sleep in. The alarm goes off at 6am and i swing into action. For real though. He rolls around for awhile, then goes out for a smoke, then maybe checks his email or sips his coffee on the couch. I'm packing the coffee filter thingy twice to make him coffee for here and work. I'm slicing chicken for sammitches, gathering snacks, scooping and heating Blue's food, pottying Blue, gathering R's computer and cord and putting it in the bag, packing the lunch, gathering his odds & ends... and finally i carry it all out with him to the bike (along with a towel to dry off the seat sometimes). Whew, all this done before 6:30. My head reels.

So, all that crap aside.. sometimes i get to see a truly amazing sunrise. Sunrise is such a treat to someone that loves to sleep in. After R leaves i usually scoot really fast to the back sliding doors and watch for his bike to go scootin' down the road. The other morning i saw this incredible sunrise so i grabbed the camera and took pictures of the spots on the glass doors. Awesome. The spots inspire me.

The weather today was more like a Canadian Christmas minus the bitter cold temps and snow. That would leave grey skies and lots of it. Oh Canada.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
I *might* be scared.

Listen... i love frogs. In Florida i loved watching them with their cute suction feet walking on my door screens. And toads, i mean really, they're just rough skinned frogs right?
But the toads here, um, yikes! They are SO big it makes me uneasy. I found out they are endangered so i feel honoured when one chooses to live in my yard.
I had to cross over this guy to get to my laundry line. He made me so nervous ---- i kept thinking he would jump up as i was stepping over.
Well, not this particular toad. This toad was from awhile back. The last toad was a bit larger. I like to think it was the same guy... come back to rest in my mint. He's been gone a couple days and i admit i look for him. I miss him.
Blue looks at the toads in a very alert manner but he won't just give them a good sniff. I want him to because then it would jump and Blue would jump and it would be really funny to me. Why can't he just give me this one thing?
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